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We are contract manufacturer of cosmeceutical & dermatology products for renowned Brands in Pakistan. The business commenced in start of year 2020 with skin care and hair care products manufacturing. Within a short span, with the dedicated support of our Research & Development team, we enriched the manufacturing with wide range of skin care, hair care and dermatology products.

Our capabilities include formulation development, product designing, custom color selection, custom fragrances selection, packaging designing & sourcing, private labelling and filling. In short we provide all services starting from formulation to a complete product under one roof. We understand the specific requirements and constraints of the cosmetics market, where innovation is a key. Our experts are always busy to find innovative solutions for the design, formulation, and scale-up and manufacturing of beauty, skin care and hair care products. Our regulatory and quality assurance team assures that products are manufactured according to highest quality standards.

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