Cucumber Floral Water


• Maintain Complexion
• Cure Blemishes
• Reduce Dark Circles
• Aids acne-prone skin
• Soothes irritation
• Treat open Pores
• Reduces Swelling and Puffiness
• Make Hair Long

For Men & Women


Hydrate & Soothe Your Skin [Toner]

Cucumber Water offers a crisp and refreshing aroma perfect as a summer body splash. This skin softening and toning hydrosol is excellent as a makeup remover. It can also use as after shower mist or in any DIY body care formulation as a replacement of water.

Distilled from the cucumber at the highest level of purity to ensure a 100% pure, premium hydrosol that is lab tested. hydrosols are the aromatic remains after the steam-distillation process occurs.


• (Skin) Spray the toner all over your skin, let it dry (No wipes or towels require) and see a noticeably rejuvenated skin.
• (Hair) Spray in your hair overnight and rinse in the morning.
• Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs.
• Rinse Off with water if contacted with eyes
• For external use only.


• Store at room temperature.


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Cucumber Floral Water
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