Witch Hazel Toner


• Fights acne
• Contains inflammatory properties
• Shrinks your pores
• Soothe skin
• Reduces inflammation
• Improves your skin
• Prevents anti-ageing
• Soothes puffy eyes
• Improves skin tone

For Men & Women


Pore Perfecting Toner, Reduces Inflammation, Soothes Skin & Fights Acne

Witch Hazel Toner (Original) is a water-based extract of Hamamelis Virginia flowers. Witch hazel is a combination of antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant contents therefore, it is considered a top-class remedy for facial acne, open pores, uneven skin tone, and acne scars. It is considered the world’s no 1 facial toner and skin cleanser found naturally in recent times.

There are too many facial toner recipes in which it is taken as a healing powerhouse ingredient. Moreover, it is also a basic component in many skin care formulations e.g. creams, lotions. Our Witch hazel is 100% pure Organic and is for all skin types.



• Put a few drops of the toner on a cotton pad.
• Apply it all over the face and neck.
• You could also take a few drops in your hands instead of a cotton pad and apply them over your face.
• Allow it to dry.
• Follow it up with a serum or moisturizer.

• Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs.
• Rinse Off with water if contacted with eyes
• For external use only.
• Consult with Doctor if you have any Skin Issue
• Always do a patch test before using it all over your skin and hair. Also, it is not an alternative to any prescription-based medication. This product is made for external use only


• Store at room temperature.


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Witch Hazel Toner
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